the girl & the flight glasses


When it all started, our founder, Sondra, was a girl on a budget. As a way to cut costs, she decided to utilize all the thrift shops we have in Sonoma to furnish the restaurant. In the early days our wine glasses, silverware, and even the chairs were a beautiful hodgepodge of thrift shop finds.

Today we have matching wine glasses, silverware, and chairs, but part of our beginnings remain in our flight glasses. We love serving our flights, not only because they give people a chance to enjoy and compare Rhône varietal wines, but also because we get to serve them in our eclectic mix of thrift shop glasses.

We decided to visit a few thrift shops around town to find some new (old) glasses.


The Church Mouse on Highway 12 in Agua Caliente

IMG_2220IMG_2506IMG_2158IMG_2321Back at the restaurant. Ready to be served – our red varietal flight and white varietal flight.

We are so fortunate to have a plethora of thrift shops in our backyard here in Sonoma. We hope you enjoy our flights as much as we enjoyed finding these lovely glasses! Cheers!

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