people magazine and us!

I completely forgot that a few months ago someone called asking for pictures of our salted fig caramel and fig caramel sauce for a People Magazine article. I kind of tucked it away in my mind as maybe it will get printed and maybe it won’t. I have learned that getting too excited about these things generally lead to disappointment. When my good friend Beth emailed me to tell me she randomly spotted the page below I was thrilled to see that it indeed had made the pages and that the fig caramel sauce orders have been pouring in.

Well – if you have tasted our salted fig caramel sauce you know how good it is and if you haven’t tried it yet – this is time to buy a few jars for yourself and possibly some stocking stuffers for your best friends before it is all gone!

Stay tuned for another special treat later this week when I divulge the secret recipe for the chocolate fig caramel trifle which you will definitely need the salted fig caramel to make!



people Mag 1 2014

people mag 2 2014

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