This week with the girl & the fig being closed for our yearly spring cleaning, my family came to town. We had the chance to do some wine tasting and Anaba Vineyards & Winery immediately came to mind. I always love to visit the wineries from on our wine list. We carry their Turbine Red Rhone Blend at the restaurant, so I had heard the philosophy about their winery, but I couldn’t wait to go see for myself. Named for the “anabatic winds,” Anaba Winery focuses on Rhône and Burgundian grape varietals.


On tranquil summer days, as golden sun kisses the valleys and hills of vineyards in Sonoma, unique air currents bring cooling breezes inland from the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay. Wafting softly, with some gusts and gales, they glide through the vineyard rows. As they encounter steeper slopes and drift upward, they become anabatic winds. Soaring glider pilots rely on them for flight. We treasure them for the coolness they impart on their journey — a gift of nature that makes the vineyard more temperate and slows the ripening process, producing robust flavors and distinctive varietal characters in our grapes.

To visit us is to understand our name and our estate. Anaba’s name originates from cool, upward-flowing anabatic winds that soar and swirl through our sustainably-farmed Carneros Estate vineyards. Gifts of nature, these unique air currents enhance the quality of our vineyards making them more temperate, slowing down the ripening process, and allowing the grapes to develop more robust flavors and distinctive varietal characteristics.

In 2009, Anaba Wines became the first winery in Northern California to utilize wind power when owner, John Sweazey installed a 45-foot Skystream 3.7 wind turbine on the property to harness the anabatic winds. This single wind turbine generates electricity for Anaba’s tasting room, wine storage, office operations and irrigation pumps for the two estate vineyards.

Anaba is committed to green initiatives. We continue to add protocols to minimize our carbon footprint.

Source: Anaba Winery Story


We had an amazing time and got to taste some fantastic wines with our tasting host, Buck. We also tried their red and white “Aero Ports” made from Syrah and Viognier respectively, which were delicious.

Anaba Wines is located about ten minutes south of the Sonoma Plaza near Gloria Ferrer and Schug Winery. Their tasting room is open daily from 10:30-5:30. Click here for address and contact info.

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  1. Is that Carrie behind the bottle of wine?! Great story Rachel! Your writing style is so descriptive…I feel as if I was really there!

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