from the farm: it begins

It’s amazing what change a week can bring!  There was lots of excitement at the farm, and the “little farm,” to report from the last few days.  Bud break throughout the valley, heirloom tomato starts tucked away in the small greenhouse behind the fig, and edible flowers and herbs sown through our raised beds.  While there’s little to show for it in the kitchen as of yet, there’s finally enough sustained warmth & sunshine to start the growing season.

We’re fortunate to have an expert team, Local Landscapers, in our farming efforts both at the Imagery Estate plot, and the half-acre we farm behind the restaurant itself.  (They are also responsible for the succulent creations you’ll find at both of our restaurants.)

First up, a walk through our orchard at Imagery revealed blossoms, blossoms everywhere!

023 036 042


At the farm, rows of winter vegetables are now being pulled to clear space for new plantings~

002 013

New leaves are budding on every branch~

willow collage

Willows growth over 2 weeks

And, most exciting, seeds that will become our signature salads of the summer months have been sown~

seddling collage

Many people don’t realize that we have growing space directly behind the girl & the fig restaurant.  It’s smaller and a tad shady, but is the perfect space to house seedlings, flowers, and the herbs that our chefs and bartenders love to cut fresh on a daily basis.

spring collage

I hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous weather in Sonoma!  We will keep you updated as the plants progress, and will hopefully have some fruitful harvests to share with you very soon!


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