From the Farm: Spring Markets

Usually we like to give you a weekly update on our farming efforts (or, “the farm project” as we call it), and how the fruits of those labors are used at the girl & the fig and the fig cafe.  Sadly, the farm is quiet this week, and not much of our own produce is making it into the kitchens.  There is plenty to look forward to, with heirloom tomato starts in the greenhouse, blossoms in the orchard, and buds on all of the perennial shrubs.

Perennial herb beds at the girl & the fig

Perennial herb beds at the girl & the fig

This is definitely the time of year when we count on our local farmers – and they never disappoint.  This week on our menus, spring alliums (courtesy of County Line Harvest in Petaluma) are popping up in dishes like shellfish stew with braised bacon, white beans, & white wine-onion broth.

So in deference to all of the hardworking Sonoma County growers, I thought I’d share with you when and where you can catch up with them this time of year.

The Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market

Photo Credit: The Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market

Early Spring Markets, Sonoma County:


At the Farm: Stands & Markets (just a few, to be continued as the season progresses….)

  • Bear Foot Honey     By Appointment     4989 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa
  • Green String Farm     Winter: 10-5 Daily     3571 Old Adobe Road, Petaluma (*Also offering free farm tours, every Saturday at noon)
  • Tierra Vegetables Farm Stand     Thursday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4     Airport Blvd & Highway 101, Santa Rosa
Green String Farm, Petaluma,

Photo Credit: Green String Farm, Petaluma,

Of course, more will be springing up as the season gets going!

Don’t forget to check out our posts on what’s in season, along with recipe inspiration.

Now, head out and hug a farmer!


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