isles sur la sorgue & serendipity

Have you ever had that crazy moment that was such a coincidence you are absolutely sure it was planned by the universe? Well, I am positive this happened to us in Isles sur la Sorgue last Sunday. We could have arrived an hour later, they could have gone to a town in the west, we could have wandered down a different street, they could have been drinking coffee at another cafe. You see – here, timing was everything.

Let me set the scene for the day…


Our last day was free. It was market day in Isles sur la Sorgue. The weather was perfect, the mistral had subsided and off we went! This market is one of my favorite places in France, except for the increasing amounts of people (the secret is long out). The famous Sunday market, mixed with antiquities, clothing, and the typical food market, is one of the largest I have seen. Each time I have gone, I have discovered new areas to explore and find there is never enough time to see it all.


It ambles down the waterway and up through the streets toward the center of town and back again.  Returning this year, I remind myself (as I do each year that I return) that I have no room in my suitcase for anything I may find and that my #souvenirs (below) of photographs will have to do.

SAMSUNG CSC  IMG_8525  IMG_8510  IMG_8529

So, as John, Claudia and I wander back downstream to find a place for a Pastis and a coffee, we hear someone shout “Sondra!” I look across to see a woman I had only met just a week prior at a party in the Northern Rhone, Claire, and next to her is Yves, our dear friend Yves Gangloff, winemaker extraordinaire (whose wine we had just lovingly consumed two days prior) and Yves’ dog Jacob.

This is where serendipity takes place; they had just decided to take a break and come to Provence, Yves had never been to the Sunday market at Isle sur la Sorgue and Claire wanted to show him. They spotted us while they were having a coffee and invited us to join them, which was perfect timing for us. We giggled about the coincidence of it all.


Coffee turned into walking, and then into meeting for lunch where we spent most of the afternoon catching up, telling stories, drinking wine, eating delicious food and smiling at our good fortune of having a very fine last day in France.


NOTE:  If you can find a bottle of Yves’s wine – don’t hesitate to purchase it – elegant – luscious and rare.

IMG_8007 IMG_8008

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