Vendredi Vocab: Sturgeon


sturgeon [STER-juhn] A large migratory fish known for its delicious flesh, excellent roe (the true caviar) and isinglass (a form of gelatin). This prized fish was so favored by England’s King Edward II that he gave it royal status, which meant that all sturgeon caught had to be offered to the king. Sturgeon are anadromous, meaning that they migrate from their saltwater habitat to spawn in fresh water. Their average weight is 60 pounds but gargantuan specimens can reach over 3,000 pounds. The sturgeon’s long, thin body is pale fray and has large scales. Its rich, high-fat flesh has a fresh, delicate flavor and is so firm that it’s almost meat like.

The New Food Lover’s Companion, page 739


Sturgeons have been referred to as “primitive fishes” because their morphological characters have remained relatively unchanged since the earliest fossil record. They are distinctive for their elongated bodies, lack of scales, and occasional great size: sturgeons ranging from 7–12 feet in length are common, and some species grow up to 18 feet.Β (source)


This week we have a delicious sturgeon dish on our menu – Green Garlic Crusted Smoked Sturgeon with a braised ham tomato broth.


Check out the rest of the plats du jour menu this week, here.


Vendredi means β€œFriday” in French. Each week we add something new to our culinary vocabulary by delving into a word from our menu. We love food, we love words, and we love to learn something new. We also love Fridays.

Happy Vendredi, everyone!


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