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I wanted you to know that as part of our fig family and certainly those that round out our daily chronicles – the third book is well under way.

The past two decades have been a whirlwind. When I think back to remember where the time has gone in our business, I find myself recreating my memories through photographs, articles and menus. In today’s world of instant, and social captures we have ways of creating memories that will last forever and the new dilemma is how to sort through and organize all of them.

I am always so excited to see new photographs that pop up on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest … and though some restaurant owners and chefs discourage photographs – I encourage you to keep clicking – I love it!  Our food, wine flights, Ken & Barbie, figs, duck confit … have been photographed by our friends and family, guests and visitors from all over the world, many times over. I would like to share your images in our third Cookbook, called the girl & the fig Chronicles, (with your consent and credit of course!)

If you don’t mind having your Instagram photographs shared, please tag your pictures with #figchronicles and I will know to contact you for further permission and give you a heads up that it will be included. If you have friends that are visiting the restaurant – let them know too! This process will go on for at least the next six months.

I see my third book as not just a cookbook, but also as a wonderful scrapbook of stories and photographs, from the people that we love to share what we love to do every day!

I guess it just might be a #figlovefest!  xoxo Sondra

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Visit to see your pictures on our instapix stream!

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