from the farm: time to talk tomatoes!

If you’ve been following along this season, you already know that we have an array of heirloom tomatoes flourishing at our farm, and with all of the heat we’ve had the past few weeks things are really ramping up!

A few weeks back, we talked about tomato trellising and our use of a system called the “Florida Weave.”  There are many styles for trellising, but we find this gives our plants the best ripening and yield.

Here’s how it looks as the summer has progressed:



That’s less than two months growth!  As you can see, we add another row of baling twine as the vines get taller, keep up on our tomato pruning, and we’re guessing it will just be a few short weeks until we have fully-ripened tomatoes to share with you!

In the meantime, we are selectively harvesting green tomatoes and they are popping up all over our menu.


Of course it’s not summer without fried green tomatoes, but some of my favorite early-summer treats are actually green tomato jam and pickled green tomatoes.

Pickled green tomatoes, if you haven’t had them, are briney, crunchy and so delicious.  To make them, you’ll want to choose green tomatoes that are still very firm, but not rock-solidly unripe.  You can find a great recipe and step-by-step instructions here.  We are currently serving pickled green tomatoes on our pork belly tartine – crisp pork belly, mustard aioli, those tasty pickled green tomatoes, and arugula.  Definitely one not-to-miss!

Green tomato jam is another of my summer favorites (basic instructions here), and is a sweet and tangy addition to our cheese course on the Plats du Jour this week.  It’s almost good enough to forgo ever having ripe tomatoes – almost.

Pork Belly Tartine - photo credit: Chef Jeremy Zimmerman

Pork Belly Tartine – photo credit: Chef Jeremy Zimmerman

On the horizon are also SO many cucumbers (more on those next week), squash and stone fruit.  What a wonderful time of year for eating from the garden.

Do you have a favorite garden recipe to share?  Leave us a message below!



3 Comments on “from the farm: time to talk tomatoes!
  1. I read of the ‘Florida Weave’ trellising system for the first time in “Figbits” a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a try in my backyard garden. It seemed simple and sensible, with the added bonus of being able to use compost-able twine. Here we are now in the second week of July, and yesterday I had my first ripe tomatoes–a bona fide miracle in my little Willamette Valley potager !

    • That is so exciting!!! Nothing better than hearing from our friends that they are having success! Can’t wait to hear more about this year’s potager!!!

    • Lorrie, that makes me so happy to hear! And congrats on the ripe tomatoes! I tried the Florida Weave in my own garden this year also, after seeing how well it works at the farm…so far, so good. 🙂 Thanks for visiting the blog, and please keep us posted on your garden success!!

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