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The approval response has been incredible from our “fig-photographers” over the past few weeks. It is really exciting to know that the book will really be a sum of so many parts. Here is just a sneak peek at a few of the photos that we have loved (the folder is growing)!

If you were at the girl & the fig a while ago and want to participate, you can always go back and upload your photo through instagram now and just tag it #figchronicles. If you are visiting us soon, you can do it right on the spot! All of these photographs will that are tagged with stream on the website

If you would like to sign up for book updates
(including recipe testing, pre-order pricing, release date, book launch, parties and more …) click here.

No matter what, we will ask your permission, before using your photograph and of course let you know if we use your picture.


kalemcbacon2  lexiefo2


Other ways you can contribute would be —

Did you get engaged at the girl & the fig? or
Did you propose at the girl & the fig?   Is there a special story that you want to share?

Did anyone eat something at the girl & the fig that induced labor within the next 24 hours?  What were you eating?  What is the child’s name?

Do you have a great memory that is book worthy that we should know about? Please email me at



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