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While we love all of our neighboring restaurants in Sonoma, and happily send guests their way often, this week we decided to poll our staff to find out where they are eating lately (when not at “the fig”) – and let you in a few local spots that you perhaps haven’t heard of if you’re passing through for a weekend.

Or, maybe you’re a local in need of a little fresh inspiration.  Here is what we hope will be the first installment of recommended “local eats” in Sonoma.


local cafe scooteria

COFFEE: Cafe Scooteria, Sonoma

There’s so much to love about the Italian-vibed, retro charm at Cafe Scooteria that it’s hard to know where to begin.  An honest-to-goodness working bike shop specializing in vintage scooters and custom rigs, they also serve traditional, Italian-style cappuccinos and lattes made exclusively of local ingredients, and some hearty breakfast menu items to boot.

What not to miss:

Although technically a drive-through shop, there’s plenty of parking and cozy seating to sip your coffee and imagine yourself cruising the alleyways of an Italian village on one of the many displayed scooters.  Pull up a chair and stay awhile.


BREAKFAST: Crisp Bakeshop, Sonoma

Just outside the crush of the Sonoma Square you’ll find Crisp Bakeshop.  Chefs Moaya and Andrea whip up contemporary takes on classic baked goods seven days a week, including a daily assortment of gluten-free items (although they’re not a certified gluten-free kitchen).

What not to miss:

If you need to feed your sweet tooth, their cupcake of the day never fails to be everything you could wish for in a confection: charming and whimsical, light and lovely, perfectly sweet and delightful.

For an indulgent, savory start to your day, the ham and cheese croissant will fit the bill.

el molino 2

LUNCH: El Molino Central, Boyes Hot Springs

The self-described Mexican street food at El Molino Central is a suggestion that pops up often if you’re querying a local Sonoman/woman on where to dine.  And their name is never mentioned without an enthusiastic description of their stone ground (in house!), hand made corn tortillas.  Every morning, soaked corn is transformed into fresh masa which then becomes incredible regional Mexican dishes, and, at breakfast time, chilaquiles.

What not to miss:

If you have to (and you will) take some of that homemade goodness with you, made-fresh tortillas, still warm and wrapped in brown paper, are available for sale by the dozen.


DINNER: Rocket Sushi, Sonoma
(Hours: 5:30-9:30, Wed – Sun)

Rocket Sushi was revealed to be a favorite stop not just among our own “figlets,” but the kids of figlets as well (you can almost always trust a kid’s advice on food!).  Sushi master Jacob and his wife Camellia are recent transplants from Hawaii, and their passion and love for what they do shines in every detail of the restaurant.

What not to miss:

The overwhelming opinion is that the only way to dine at Rocket is to enjoy your meal Omakase-style; that is, let the chef guide.  A wonderful selection of sake, great beer list, and full bar make Rocket Sushi the total package.


LATE NIGHT EATS: Las Magos, Sonoma

On the corner of 12 and Boyes you’ll find Las Magos Taco Truck serving up authentic Mexican grub late night (9 p.m. until 3 a.m.).  This already puts it it a class of its in own in sleepy Sonoma.  Add to that: prices are great and the food is the real deal, and you just ended your day of tasting & night on the town happy.

What not to miss:

Authentic carne asada tacos for a buck-fifty.  ‘Nuff said.


Stay tuned for the next installment of Local Eats!!

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