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It’s been a quiet winter at the farm, but if you look closely, the dormant part of the season is behind us and there are signs of early spring all around.  You’ve probably noticed that it’s pruning time in the valley – the vines are being limbed for the coming season’s growth.  This is always my cue to get out in my own garden and do the same!  At the fig farm, we’ll wait for these rainy days to pass and get busy in the orchard.  (More on proper tree pruning here.)

203Winter garden, tucked in under a blanket of rye grass.

We’re still enjoying the few remaining winter crops that were sown back in late September.  (Bonus: winter vegetables become extra-sweet from cold and frost!)

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If your spring fever is kicking in, check out igrowsonoma for suggestions on early spring plantings.  In February, direct-seedings of spinach, radishes, turnips, peas, beets, & Asian greens can be set out.  However, to be sure you’re soil isn’t too waterlogged to house seedlings, follow this guide: “To see if your soil is dry enough, pick up a handful and squeeze it. If the ball of soil in your hand falls apart when poked, the soil is dry enough. If it stays together in a ball, the soil is too wet…”

In the kitchens of the girl & the fig, the fig cafe, and fig CATERS!, our chefs have enjoyed the winter garden lull and have used to time to trial and perfect a few incredible fermented recipes that we’ll all be enjoying this year!  Currently, lacto-fermented dill pickles, County Line Harvest chicory-chi, Brussels kimchi, marinated turnips (to garnish Ramen bowls at Suite D!), and homemade soy sauce are bubbling and brewing away.

Stay tuned for those!


Next time: growing tips for vigorous seedlings…

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