make this now: 20 uses for barrel aged red wine vinegar


Our figfood line of condiments came to life as a way for our restaurant guests to take home a little of the “fig love” from our kitchens.

For years, visitors from all over would ask for these recipes to recreate a dish at home that they’d been introduced to at the girl & the fig or the fig cafe.

Now a complete assortment of goodies ranging from house-made shrubs to confits and chutneys are available outside our little sphere; and frequently, recipients of gifted “figfood” items will write and ask what to do with it.

Our barrel aged vinegar boasts deep, complex flavors yielded from traditional barrel aging in oak casks.  Wild yeasts naturally ferment red wine grapes into a mildly sweet and wonderfully bright, full-bodied vinegar with a satisfying bite.

If you received a gift of or have purchased a bottle of Barrel Aged Red Wine Vinegar, here is a collection of recipes and serving suggestions to enjoy!

  1. As you would with any good quality red wine vinegar, use in dressings for salads for structure and kick!
  2. To poach sweet pears, with a touch of vanilla, cardamom, and zested lime, it’s a simple and lovely dessert.
  3. In a classic chicken reduction.
  4. Whisked in an aioli to pair with fried potatoes with tomato-chipotle sauce.
  5. To simmer dried figs and smear on warm toast with creamy Robiola cheese as in this: pickled fig, robiola & pistachio oil crostini recipe.
  6. Blended to create an amazing DIY steak sauce!
  7. As a dressing for a salad to accompany a cheddar, smoked bacon and courgette quiche.
  8. Reduced to a syrup and pour over butternut squash bruschetta with pomegranate.
  9. Enjoy it in a perfect barbecue marinade!
  10. For a fresh and decadent German potato salad, sans mayo.
  11. Paired with braised brussel sprouts for complexity and nice acidity.
  12. For a sweet and tart note, try it with fried strawberries and whipped cream!
  13. Drizzled on an avocado salad to serve alongside grilled steaks.
  14. Mixed into a sauce to accompany lamb shanks with wasabi mash.
  15. Add to caramelized onions to make delicious egg tarts that are perfect any time of day!
  16. Paired with roasted onions to give a glazed ham the ultimate side dish.
  17. In fresh salsa to enjoy with chips as a great appetizer or snack!
  18. Whisked in a dressing to pour over a tuna bean salad.
  19. Stirred into red cabbage for a festive holiday side.
  20. Reduced to create tomato and chilli jam that will be a perfect pairing for many dishes.

Do you have a favorite use for red wine vinegar?  Leave us a note!!

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