Planning a Wine Country Wedding: DIY

(This is Part 12 in a series. Did you miss Part 11? View the post here!)

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the months I’ve spent wedding planning, it’s that costs add up quickly regardless of how diligent you are at getting the best deals. One way that we are cutting costs is by doing a lot of the creative work ourselves. If you’re crafty or have friends and family who are creative, this might be a good option for you to eliminate some expenses and create unique, personal touches.

Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas:

Never having the need for anything significant from a florist before, I was shocked at how expensive bouquets and arrangements can be when I first started researching flowers. Look for friends and family members who can step in to make arrangements and bouquets for you; this is a big enough project that you won’t want to take it on yourself. If you don’t want to deal with real flowers, try out the idea of paper flowers and host a craft day to get help with creating the bouquets and arrangements. We love these vintage inspired brooch and paper rose bouquets and this deep colored paper bouquet from The Knot. Search Pinterest for more inspiration and tutorials.


Hunt through thrift stores, estate sales, clearance items, and online auction sites for items that you might be able to use. Keep in mind that you can always paint something or create something. You can also look through real weddings for decoration inspiration and identify items that you can make yourself; garlands and banners are easy paper projects, while table runners and fabric covered arches just require some scissors and a trip to the fabric store.danjames_IMG_8811

Favors are always a fun way for your guests to take home a memory of your day, and one of the best ways you can be creative. If you or someone you know is a great cook or baker, make some edible favors like jams, sauces, cookies, or flavored salts and sugars. Plants make great favors and can even do double duty as escort cards; create a custom packet of seeds or plant a succulent in a mini hand-painted pot. The possibilities are endless. Check out the DIY Network’s ideas on Wedding Favors for some inspiration.


Quick Tips:

  • I am in love with Save On Crafts. Go to their website for DIY Weddings: Ideas & How-To’s, as well as great deals on craft supplies and ready-made decorations.
  • Look through websites like Tradesy and Wedding Recycle for deals on gently used items from other weddings.
  • Another love of mine is Check out their sale fabrics for pieces that you might be able to use in your wedding projects.

Happy Planning!

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