make this now: 20 uses for fig caramel


Our figfood line of condiments came to life as a way for our restaurant guests to take home a little of the “fig love” from our kitchens.

For years, visitors from all over would ask for these recipes to recreate a dish at home that they’d been introduced to at the girl & the fig or the fig cafe.

Now a complete assortment of goodies ranging from house-made shrubs to confits and chutneys are available outside our little sphere; and frequently, recipients of gifted “figfood” items will write and ask what to do with it.

If you’ve recently purchased or received of a gift of Fig Caramel here is a collection of recipes and serving suggestions to enjoy!

  1. Eating it right out of the jar with a spoon is always a great idea.
  2. Pour over ice cream and top it off with almonds and freeze to create an amazing dessert!
  3. Serve with mini chocolate melting cakes for a combination that’ll make your taste buds sing!
  4. Served alongside roasted peaches for a summer treat.
  5. Drizzled on apple pie bars to add that extra something savory and sweet to your streusel dreams.
  6. Topped on mini cheesecakes.
  7. Layered with cheesecake, and salt to create a perfect party shooter.
  8. Mixed with rum to create a delicious mini banana foster dessert!
  9. Served on crackers with brie.
  10. Sandwiched between two macaroons.
  11. Drizzled on a hot mocha latte.
  12. On top of a freshly warmed slice of apple pie.  Mmmmm….
  13. Folded into banana bread.
  14. Heated and drizzled on popcorn – movie night deliciousness!
  15. Poured over banana french toast for a breakfast you will want everyday.  And really, why not?
  16. In the center of cookie dough before baking for a gooey surprise!
  17. Drizzled over cream puffs to create a Croquembouche.
  18. Poured on pancakes to add a little more sweetness to breakfast
  19. Mixed in with a variety of cake batters to create desserts you’ll always want to make!
  20. Paired with chocolate for chocolate and caramel dipped bananas.


Do you have a favorite use for fig caramel?  Leave us a note!!


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