Planning a Wine Country Wedding: DIY Favorites Part 2

(This is Part 13 in a series.  Did you miss Part 12?  View the post here!)

In my last post, I wrote about some DIY wedding options.  Here are a few more things that you can do yourself to cut costs and add a handcrafted touch:

Invitations & Paper
The cost of invitations can be high, especially if you go to a professional designer or calligrapher.  As an alternative, consider sites like Minted or Wedding Paper Divas for custom printed invitation suites with an option for printing your guests’ addresses.  These sites also provide an option for DIY printable designs, or you can design your own using embellished paper (Paper Source is great starting point for this).  If you’re up to the task, take it a step further by learning calligraphy and handwriting your guests’ addresses yourself.

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If you sew or know someone who does, you can get away from store bought accessories in favor of less expensive, handmade options.  Veils, ring pillows, and groomsmen ties quickly become heirlooms with a handmade touch.  Your ideas can even spill over in to your reception with custom table runners and soft flannel blankets for your guests to keep warm at a late, outdoor wedding.  For those who can make more of a commitment, you can even take on the flower girl dresses or wedding dress.  Here are some ideas from Coats & Clark.



The Cake
The cake is probably not something that you will want to take on yourself since you’ll be busy with other things as the day gets closer.  If you’re open to sacrificing a traditional bakery style wedding cake, enlist the help of a baker in your family or group of friends.  If you’re not able to find someone to help out, consider buying a simple store bought cake and having it decorated how you want.  We love this decorating idea from Project Wedding for a strawberry cake.  Check out their other ideas for decoration inspiration.

Another option is a smaller wedding cake supplemented with additional mini dessert items.  We’ve found the current trend of replacing a large, traditional wedding cake with a smaller “cutting” cake and station of miniature desserts can provide the best of both worlds.



Quick Tips:

  • Be realistic!  Don’t take on more than you can really handle, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate to others. It’s great if you can DIY, but it’s also important to keep yourself from having too much stress.

Happy Planning!

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