make this now: 20 uses for fig balsamic vinegar


Our figfood line of condiments came to life as a way for our restaurant guests to take home a little of the “fig love” from our kitchens.

For years, visitors from all over would ask for these recipes to recreate a dish at home that they’d been introduced to at the girl & the fig or the fig cafe.

Now a complete assortment of goodies ranging from house-made shrubs to confits and chutneys are available outside our little sphere; and frequently, recipients of gifted “figfood” items will write and ask what to do with it.

If you’ve recently purchased or received of a gift of fig balsamic vinegar here is a collection of recipes and serving suggestions to enjoy!

  1. Beautiful flavors for a glaze
  2. Warmed and poured over vanilla ice cream
  3. Made into a fig balsamic jam
  4. Served with warm bread and a good quality olive oil
  5. Great for a marinade for chicken
  6. Perfect for a balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing
  7. Make a fig vinaigrette for a Cranberry spinach salad
  8. Perfect for drizzling on strawberries for a sweet snack
  9. Serve over goat cheese for a beautiful goat cheese and fruit platter
  10. Have a light dinner of tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella drizzled with fig balsamic vinegar
  11. For more elegant dinner  sweet potato gnocchi with balsamic-sage brown butter (substitute fig balsamic for regular)
  12. Drizzled over baked asparagus
  13. Impress your guests with these amazing dark chocolate truffles (substitute fig balsamic for regular)
  14.  Seared scallops with a balsamic fig glaze
  15. Drizzled over roasted brussel sprouts
  16. As a reduction in eggplant ravioli
  17. Make delicious homemade balsamic fig ice cream (substitute fig balsamic for regular)
  18. A new take on the traditional Old Fashioned
  19. To sweeten up your risotto, try this Strawberry risotto with fig balsamic vinegar
  20. In a light dessert, like this mascarpone mouse with a fig balsamic caramel


Do you have a favorite use for fig balsamic vinegar?  Leave us a note!!

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