Wine Wednesday: Idle Cellars’ 2013 Grenache, Kick Ranch Vineyard, Sonoma County


As you may know, since the very beginning the girl & the fig has boasted an exclusively Rhône-alone” wine list.

We’ve always loved that featuring unique Rhône wines gives us an opportunity to begin a conversation with our guests, perhaps introduce them to something new, as well as to present talented and innovative producers we believe in.

In honor of “Wine Wednesday,” a little about one of our beloved Rhône producers –

This week: Idle Cellars’ 2013 Grenache, Kick Ranch Vineyard, Sonoma County

About Idle Cellars:

Idle Cellars is a micro-winery located in Sonoma County, California, founded by Ari Heavner, a Berkeley Native and entrepreneur and Ben Larks, an artist from Los Angeles. Their shared affinity for world travel and adventure led Heavner and Larks to connect in 2006 while working crush in Sonoma.

Idle Cellars was born with their first batch of Cabernet Sauvignon reflecting, as in most harmonious relationships, a balanced yin and yang between city dwelling Heavner and country living Larks.  Striving to produce an elegantly balanced wine as equal in technical mastery as grace of art, their belief is that the essence of winemaking is “getting to know your grapes” and ensuring the best of Sonoma makes it from the vine to the bottle through hands-on craftsmanship.

Working together for 9 years now, Ben and Ari’s winemaking bond is stronger than ever, escalating the Idle movement one glass at a time.

Tasting Notes:

Crisp, even tannins; juicy, bright acidity, and a mineral finish brings the wine a mature elegance. Toned and spicy, with faded exotic spices, dried strawberry, white pepper, and ripe raspberry gives a balanced sensation to an old world wine with a modern twist.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Idle Cellars, 2013 Kick Ranch Vineyard with duck confit (creamy corn, braised greens, brandied cherry-duck jus), polenta cake (peperonata, broccolini, fried garlic & chili oil), chocolate & salted fig caramel trifle (Italian meringue, cocoa nibs), and stinky cheeses.

At home, enjoy with pork tendeloin with a mushu sauce, grilled broccolini and sweet potato puree.


(Thirsty? Shop Idle Cellars’ 2013 Grenache, Kick Ranch Vineyard here or book your next reservation at the girl & the fig!)

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