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Harvest season has arrived, and for many of us that means bountiful vegetable harvests either from our own gardens or local farms.  Oftentimes there’s just too much to be consumed fresh, no matter how you try.  This is the perfect moment for pickles!

In the “fig” kitchens our chefs are fond of making “fridge” pickles.  They’re quick, tasty, and keep in the fridge for weeks.  They don’t require the long processing times of shelf-stable canning, which is good because they’re so tasty that they’re always devoured quickly.

Today we share with you our signature pickling recipes, adjustable to the sweet or tart palate, using our Sonoma Valley Sharecropper line of pickling spices.


the girl & the fig
Sonoma Valley Sharecropper 
Pickling Spices

Sharecropper Ratios

3 – 5 pounds vegetables
14 cups liquid (see below)
1/4 cup Kosher Salt
jar of the girl & the fig Pickling Spices

Do you like your pickles TART?
10 cups vinegar
4 cups water
4 cups sugar


Do you like your pickles SWEET & SOUR
14 cups vinegar
7 cups sugar 

Vinegar Options:
Distilled White Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar
White Wine Vinegar
Champagne Vinegar
Rice Vinegar

Directions for making Refrigerator Pickled Vegetables:

Cut the vegetables, keeping them all in a relatively similar shape and size. 
Place the vegetables in a glass or non-reactive container.  
In a large pot combine the liquid, sugar, kosher salt and the pickling spices and bring to a boil.  
Carefully strain the hot liquid through a fine mesh strainer directly over the vegetables.
Discard the spices.
Place a weight or a plate to submerge the vegetables in the liquid.
Leave the vegetables on the counter for about 15 minutes before refrigerating.
Let sit refrigerated for 24 hours or at least overnight.

For canning instructions visit the
National Center for Home Food Preservation 

Mother’s Day & MOUTH

Mother’s Day is coming up and I was thrilled to see one of our favorite Online Vendors, MOUTH offering this gorgeous gift of assorted Oils and Vinegars which included our Fig Balsamic Vinegar! What a great way to fill up mom’s pantry with delicious essentials so that when you visit her, she can fix you a proper meal!

Fancy oil is so delicious, but why stop with olive? We didn’t.

Source: Exceptional Vinegars and Outstanding Oils set – MOUTH

If this isn’t the right gift for her, don’t worry, MOUTH has you covered! with CHOCOLATE, or CHEESE, or CANDY, or PICKLES or …

artisan market at williams-sonoma

Come taste our FIGfood products at the Artisans’ Market at the Williams-Sonoma SONOMA store on Saturday, April 11th with Sondra from 12 – 4.

If you are not in Sonoma on April 11th, click HERE for a Williams-Sonoma Artisan Market near you!

Steffen_TGTF_fig-food_Jan2015_AI9A1426_hi  Steffen_TGTF_fig-food_Jan2015_AI9A1808_hi

Steffen_TGTF_fig-food_Jan2015_AI9A1488_hi Steffen_TGTF_fig-food_Jan2015_IMG_0916-Edit_lo

The other vendors participating at the Artisans’ Market include:

Boncora Biscotti

Cocoa Planet



The Salted Fig Caramel Sundae


Come in and try the dessert that Food + Wine named one of America’s Best Salty-Sweet Desserts!

This sundae is everything.

As described by Sondra Bernstein, this bowl of goodness is “definitely an adventure for the taste buds with salty, sweet, tart, cold, warm, chewy, crunchy and velvety—are we missing anything?” Being the ice cream fanatic that I am, this dessert is my dream come true. I can’t decide if my favorite part is the crunchy cocoa nibs, chewy brownie chunks, fresh crème chantilly or the salty fig caramel…together it’s just heavenly. Each bite is a new surprise of deliciousness.


Photo credit: Chef Jeremy Zimmerman

The legendary sundae is not usually on our menu, but with the 6th annual Sonoma County Restaurant Week happening now, we decided it was the perfect occasion to bring back one of our favorite sweet treats of all time.

The bad news: it’s only on the menu for another week! The good news: you will find it as a mainstay on the dessert menu over at our sister restaurant, The Fig Cafe and Winebar in Glenn Ellen.


The version we serve over at The Fig Cafe with brandied cherries…mmmmm.


So hurry in and get it while it lasts! And if you won’t be in the Sonoma Valley this time, not to worry, you can get some of our Salted Fig Caramel sauce via our online store and make your own version at home. Click here for the Fig Store link.

Happy indulging, fig friends!

Valentine’s Day Fig-spiration


Looking to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day this year? We have just the idea for you…cook dinner for the love (or loves) in your life and then finish it up with ice cream drizzled in our salted fig caramel sauce. Not only could you give this little jar of delicious-ness as a stand-alone gift, but you could make this treat for your Valentine and then give him or her the rest of the jar to keep enjoying. Salty + sweet = perfection.


If you’d like to impress your honey with a little pre-dinner magic, we’ve got you covered in that department too. Once you’ve discovered how tasty our fig food is paired with your favorite cheeses and meats, you’ll never look at a fromage plate the same way again…


Golden Raisin & Dried Fig MostardaSteffen_TGTF_fig-food_Jan2015_AI9A1567-Edit_hi


Black Mission Fig Cake



Apricot Fig Chutney


Dried Fig Compote


Red Onion Confit


Wouldn’t these be amazing to nosh on while cooking dinner together? I think a bottle of sparkling brut rosé like this one would be the perfect compliment. And if you make a really killer fromage and charcuterie spread, you could always skip dinner and go straight for the dessert.



photo cred for this post: Megan Steffen

If you don’t live in the area, not to worry – you can order everything at our online fig store and receive it in time for Valentine’s Day.

Full store hereFig Food only, here