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We started our line of girl & the fig food products—what we call FIGfood—in 1999. It was a natural extension of the restaurant, a chance to showcase figs in products that our guests could take home with them to enhance their meals. The compotes, jams, chutney, and mostardas became essential as we started to serve more charcuterie and salumi in the restaurant. (The contrast of sweet jam or chutney and salty cured meat is something no one can resist!) The products complement the Plats du Jour concept, as well. When people stop by your house for a drink (expected or not!), it’s nice to have things on hand to accompany a plate of cheese and meat. What could be easier than pulling a jar from the pantry?

picture by Kristen Jorgensen

picture by Kristen Jorgensen

Our products reflect the same commitment to food that we have in our restaurant, always using all-natural ingredients and using local ingredients when possible. We started with our Fig & Port Vinaigrette, made with port, Black Mission figs, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and shallots, and a Fig Balsamic Vinegar made from Black Mission figs and balsamic vinegar.

Jams are a must for any slice of bread or cheese plate, and our Black Mission Fig Jam is a jar of luscious fig goodness (and is also amazing on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich). Our Apricot Fig Chutney is made with apricots, Calimyrna figs, ginger, and dried cherries. For our Dried Fig Compote, we blended both Black Mission and Calimyrna figs with apricots and dried cherries and the result is a chunky, thick condiment that can be spooned on its own or served on a sandwich or with a salumi plate. For our Red Onion Confit, we slow cook the onions down until they are soft and concentrated to reveal the sweet red onion flavor. The confit can be spooned over roasted meats and also makes a great topping for a burger or grilled cheese sandwich.


Not only can you find our FIGfood online at our store and in the restaurant, but we also sell our products wholesale to more than 300 stores across the country and over a dozen virtual stores. Among the virtual stores, three of the latest include Scoutmob, Mouth and Sonoma Amazon (a new Amazon marketplace featuring Sonoma made products).

We hope that if you’re in Sonoma you’ll come on by the girl & the fig to taste all of our products, or even better, stay for a cheese plate (served with our compote). If you are not in the area, you can access any of these stores to fill your figgy obsession!

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