Planning a Wine Country Wedding: A Suite D Wedding Shower

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In my last post, I wrote about some of our favorite wedding shower trends.  I was so lucky to have my very own brunch shower at Suite D, hosted by my sister, Katherine, on a gorgeous day in late August.  Katherine chose to host the shower outside on Suite D’s patio, which not only let us enjoy the amazing late-summer weather, but also gave us the perfect Wine Country Casual atmosphere.  Our menu included house-made breakfast pastries, an omelette bar, and amazing miniature desserts that were quickly devoured.

Check out some of my favorite moments and details from a beautiful day at Suite D:






Thank you to my sister, Katherine, for planning and hosting an amazing and memorable day.  Photo credits to my bridesmaid, Anya Kandel, and Suite D Manager, Kathryn Eyers.

If you’re interest in hosting an upcoming event at Suite D, check us out online.

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Planning a Wine Country Wedding: Wedding Shower Trends

(This is Part 15 in a series.  Did you miss Part 14?  View the post here!)

I love showers!  There is something so special to me about family and friends coming together ahead of a big event to show love and support.  Hosting is even more fun.  If you’ve been tasked with hosting an upcoming wedding shower, here are some of our favorite ideas for throwing a fun celebration.


Wine Tasting Shower

A perfect precursor for a Wine Country wedding, a wine tasting party gives your guests a fun activity to participate in.  Look into hosting the event at a local winery, or do it yourself at a private home.  Choose a fun theme like vintages from a certain year or varietals from a certain region (Rhone is our favorite!).  Don’t forget the food; cheese and charcuterie, like our platters from the girl & the  fig CATERS!, make a great wine accompaniment.

Here are some basics on hosting a wine tasting to check out from Real Simple and Epicurious.

Couples Shower

A couples shower is the perfect way to combine an engagement party and shower into one and include everyone in the festivities.  When planning, consider the couples’ joint interests.  An outdoorsy couple might love a camping themed shower with a request for gifts to build their stash of camping gear, or plan a casual, low-key back yard barbecue for the laid back couple.  The possibilities are endless.

Check out these ideas from The Knot for Coed Couple Shower Themes.


Brunch Shower

Who doesn’t love brunch?  You can’t go wrong with some mimosas and sparkling wine.  If you’re hosting a brunch shower at home, save yourself time by planning a make-ahead menu and mixing pitchers of brunchy beverages.  We love this cocktail recipe using homemade pear-infused vodka and this subtly sweet recipe for stone fruit clafoutis.  Still need menu inspiration?  Search through our recipe archives and then check out Real Simples 7 Recipes for an Insanely Delicious Bridal Shower Brunch.

If cooking is out of the question, look into having your brunch at a restaurant or catered at a local event space.  Leave the menu preparation to someone else and focus instead on the details that will make your shower truly memorable for the guest of honor.  We think Suite D is the perfect space for a unique brunch that can be tailored to fit your own vision; be sure to read my next post for details on my own Suite D wedding shower!

Quick Tips:

  • Make it personal!  What is the guest of honor’s favorite color?  Favorite movie or book?  Choose a theme that is special to them to make it a truly special day.

Happy Planning!

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Planning a Wine Country Wedding: Etiquette

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One of the biggest things that I’ve tried to follow while planning a wedding is advice on etiquette.  It’s important to me to remain gracious and welcoming to everyone who wants to participate in our day, and showing our gratitude is a necessity.

Here are some of the biggest challenges I’ve found so far:

Who to Invite

A big issue that we’ve been struggling with is including children and plus ones.  Every guest who’s included will increase your cost, and you will need to decide how important it is to you that each person is included as well as to weigh the cost of possible hurt feelings.


For us, plus ones are not only an added cost, but also an unknown guest to an intimate part of our lives that we hope to share with those closest to us.  Ultimately, the decision is yours, but I’ve generally found that the plus one rule is to include anyone who’s at minimum been in a long term or serious relationship.  To help, give yourself a rule; include anyone who has been in a relationship for at least a year or is currently living with your guest.  Anyone who doesn’t fit this rule is excluded.

While it seems to be totally acceptable and even common now to exclude children entirely, our struggle is with inviting some children while excluding others.  We are finding that it’s easier for us to just include everyone’s children rather than picking and choosing, and we know that some of our guests will leave them behind for a childless night out anyway.  If you do exclude children, leave their names off of the invitation; anyone not included on the written invite is traditionally excluded.

Here is some advice from Martha Stewart on guest list etiquette.

Who Pays

It seems more and more couples now are paying for most, if not all, of their own wedding costs, and financial responsibilities between families are always so variable.  Traditionally, it seems as though most of the cost is paid for by the bride’s family, but there are certain costs that should be taken on by others.  The groom’s family, for example, typically hosts and covers the cost of the rehearsal dinner.  They can also pick up the tab for corsages and boutonnieres for family members and lodging for the groomsmen and groom’s immediate family.  The groom and the wedding party also have their own set of expenses.

Check out Emily Post’s advice for a detailed list of how wedding expenses are traditionally divided.

wedding-1249096_1280The Uninvited Plus One

One thing that every couple must deal with when planning a wedding is guests inviting plus ones who weren’t actually invited.  While this is aggravating, especially after paying such close attention to how to properly address your invitations, keep in mind that not everyone knows the etiquette of addressing invitations!  To help curb this problem, consider adding a line on each RSVP card that indicates specifically how many seats are reserved for the guest you’re inviting.  If you still get uninvited plus ones, you will have to decide if it’s worth it to you to reach out to the guest directly.  If so, don’t worry about feeling rude; ultimately, it’s your day.

Here’s more advice from Emily Post, by way of the Huffington Post, on how to handle the uninvited guest.

Saying Thank You

Saying thank you and showing gratitude is extremely important to me.  I want everyone to feel appreciated and know how meaningful their presence is to us and how treasured their gift is (if one is given).  Especially if you’re expecting a large number of guests or sending out a large number of announcements, you could be receiving a deluge of gifts.  To keep on top of it, make sure to send out your thank you notes as you receive them.  Taking the time to handwrite a card over sending a quick email or text is always a nicer touch.

Quick Tips:
–          When in doubt, consult Martha Stewart or Emily Post!

Happy Planning!

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Venue Highlight: Annadel Estate Winery

meganwelker-jannasean-portraits-182 (2)

Annadel Estate Winery is a magical location surrounded by Sonoma Valley’s rolling hills, vineyards, and gardens.

First established in the 1880s, but neglected for decades, Dean Bordigoni and his family purchased the estate in 2007 and brought it back to life. Annadel is now a thriving, elegant, and world-class wedding and event venue.

We highly recommend a visit to Annadel to experience their organic farm, beautiful vineyards, and exquisite heirloom flower gardens!


Walking through the winding paths and gardens of Annadel, you’re surrounded by volleyball-sized hydrangeas, roses, and an array of native flowers which thrive in Sonoma’s climate and soils.

The family lives on the estate and host most of the wine tastings and tours. Dean Bordigoni produces award-winning wines – however, they’ve become equally renowned for their gorgeous heirloom roses.


For wedding ceremonies, Annadel Estate Winery is centrally located in Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon, “nestled among 40 acres of rolling green vineyards, heirloom roses, and majestic woodlands.”

This venue is a lush and romantic setting for a couple dreaming of a rustic, yet elegant, wedding. There are beautiful lawns stretching down to acres of rose gardens. Your guests will be surrounded by the aroma of roses and ancient California Heritage oaks as a back-drop to your vows.


The use of the courtyard for your ceremony creates a sense of intimacy and connection between you and your guests.

Before the ceremony, brides can ready themselves in Annadel’s clapboard Bridal Cottage – it’s the perfect location for pre-wedding prep or a quiet resting place for family members.


Behind the ivy-enveloped stone ruins and fronted by the old oaks is an authentic barn which has been weathered by the decades. The barn may be used for evening reception, dinner, or dancing.


For those romantic souls considering an elopement, Annadel offers elopement packages, as well.



Annadel Estate Winery offers couples ambiance, intimacy and connection in this charming and rustic location.

It is the perfect landscape for creating life-long memories.

Why we love catering at Annadel Estate Winery:
  • Beautiful, authnetic ruins
  • Exclusive use of clapboard Bridal Cottage
  • Authentic turn-f-the-century barn
  • Gorgeous flower gardens

Many thanks to Megan Welker for the beautiful photos featured in this post!
Location: Annadel Estate Winery
Caterer: the girl & the fig CATERS! team.

All about Annadel Estate Winery…



  • Max. Seated Indoors: 120
  • Max. Seated Outdoors: 225

Reception/Special Events

  • Max. Seated Indoors: 80
  • Max. Seated Outdoors: 225
  • Max. Standing/Cocktails Indoors: 225
  • Max. Standing/Cocktails Outdoors: 225


  • Max. Seated: 225

Location Uses

  • Ceremonies
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Special Events, Parties
  • Business Functions/Meetings
  • Rehearsal Dinners

Site Views

  • Creek/River
  • Forest/Wooded Area
  • Fountain/Water Feature
  • Garden
  • Garden Patio/Courtyard
  • Hills
  • Landscaped Grounds
  • Meadow/Fields
  • Mountains
  • Valley
  • Vineyards

Sonoma Valley People’s Choice Awards 2016

SVPC-logo 2016

We are so honored and thrilled that the girl & the fig has won for Sonoma Valley’s Best Chef John/Toulze, Best Caterer and Best Wine List by the 2016 People’s Choice Awards sponsored by the Sonoma Index-Tribune.  We also received Honorable Mentions for Best Bar, Best Brunch, and Best Hamburger.  

Girl and the Fig-32

Thank you to our whole team for working so hard to have earned this recognition. Thank you to all of our loyal guests, friends and fans that voted for us and support us every year. We couldn’t do it without you!


We are so grateful just be nominated alongside all of the amazing businesses and our neighbors in Sonoma Valley. Congratulations to all of the businesses that were nominated and awarded this year!

In reality, Sonoma is the big winner – we have a community of great businesses and people that love what they do!

To see all the winners of the People’s Choice awards click here.