Holiday Party Tips – Pt 1

Holiday Party Tips brought to you by the girl & the fig CATERS!


We all love throwing and attending great parties and ’tis the season!

Checklists are essential to a party’s success. Establish what can be accomplished ahead of time with regard to food and other tasks, and break them down into a timeline.

The answers to six core questions will get you started planning any type of party and make hosting a breeze.

1. What is the date?

2. What is the location?

3. What type of party will it be?

4. How many guests will be there?

5. What is your budget?

6. Is there going to be music or entertainment?

Once this framework is built, flesh out the remaining details for invitations, food & drinks, and decor with your creative personal touches based on seasonal inspirations.  

Answering these first few questions will be the starting point for developing your concept, creating your menu, shopping lists, and final to-do list.  It’s recommended that you begin these preliminary steps well in advance of the event (think weeks or even months for larger events), to allow plenty of time for orders, invitations, vendors, and entertainers.

Ultimately, we want you to stick to your budget but make it a party you would want to attend!

Check back for the next installment of holiday event planning tips!

Holiday Floral Arranging for Special Events

Holiday Floral Arranging for Special Events brought to you by the girl & the fig CATERS!


Working with a limited color palette during this time of year doesn’t have to be boring with support from our vegetable gardens and their late-fall bounty. Arrangements on the dining table is a given, but don’t neglect your cocktail bar, buffet or bathroom, where you can compose even more dramatic arrangements in size and scale.

The selection of vessels is unending and goes well beyond the traditional vase: hollowed out turnips and baby gourds make for sweet bouquets, and larger pumpkins, metal baking dishes and ceramic containers of all types can be used with a bit of floral foam inside for support and structure. The theme of your event can guide you on which works best.

Pomegranates and prickly deep purple artichokes look amazing mixed with ornamental cabbages and hydrangeas in shades of purple or pale green. Mums, fall’s favorite flower, is available in many colorful shapes and sizes. Bronzy-green magnolia leaves, fig branches, and colorful leaves are all wonderful filler. (Tip: darker shades with double blooms last longer than single, daisy-like blooms.) Seed heads and ornamental grasses of millet and amaranth add height. Crab apples, smooth green (unripe) persimmons, and rosehips pair nicely with the incredible assortment of dahlias (my personal favorite!). Add herb sprigs such as rosemary, mint and dill flower heads sparingly since too much can compete with the food.

Additional pops of color can come from flowers you can find at farmer’s markets and corner florist shops for low-cost and creative designs. It’s all about earthy arrangements with a focus on contrasting shapes and textures kept low so as to not block guest’s views of one another across the table.

photo by Charlie Juliet

photo by Charlie Juliet