Yes, Chef!

Have you met Chef Jeremy?

Chef Jeremy just had his one year anniversary at the girl & the fig last month. He and John have been collaborating on some really wonderful menu items, including the chicken livers on toast, soft shell crabs served with pancetta aioli and his personal favorite of the moment, the Pork Belly Sandwich. (Yes, it is almost possible to gain weight just by reading this!) However, it is the seasonal ingredients and the farm that are still the driving the inspiration for the menu.

Here is a sneak peek behind the Chef — When he is not cooking for himself, he is a sucker for a cheap BUT GOOD burger (we’re not talking about fast food here): a thin patty, seared and topped with 1000 Island Dressing, Tabasco Sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and (of course) BACON! However lowbrow his burger cravings may be, his beverages of choice are varied from dark beers to smooth rye whiskies and red Rhone blends. When he is not working, you can find Jeremy riding his motorcycle or snowboarding while listening to Pink Floyd and Bad Religion.We are lucky to have such a talented Chef on our team. The smile you see in the picture above is something I get to see all of the time!  Say hi to Chef Jeremy the next time you visit us!

Notes from Durae

With the first day of summer and the last day of school quickly approaching, my thoughts have been a bit less on the present and more on the months ahead, and I’m finding it takes
just a little more effort to pin them to the tasks at hand.  Summer has that effect sometimes.  It’s a busy time of year for most people in our little part of the world; whether summer to you means the heaviest of workloads or freedom and adventure, it’s certain that the coming season is filled with activity.The most interesting and challenging of my activities here at the fig head-quarters this month has been in exploring our smartphone app. (Did you know we have one?) If you’re like me and have been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of constant technological contact, then plumbing the inner workings of a smartphone application sounds slightly less-than-appealing.  Not so!
One particularly fun and useful feature I found is this: Say your summer plans include enjoying a lovely glass of wine at the fig. Those from this area and afar might be interested in finding which of our wines were cultivated, tended, and brought to be within moments of where you’re sitting.  If you wanted to know just how quickly you’d be able jaunt up the road to its source to acquire the most delicious of souvenirs, nestled within the wine list app is a map to (nearly) all of the local wineries as well as a link to their tasting room pages.  Very handy!
For me, it can be at times overwhelming to consider the amount of information technology makes available to us at every second, and I often wonder whether this is adding or taking from our ability to enjoy or be in the present moment. But then I think of the ways that this information can be used to enhance your enjoyment of the time at hand, and am amazed. And if it can be used to prolong those fleeting summer moments, so much the better.Cheers!

Notes from Durae

It seems that summer has arrived early this year, and with the gorgeous weather comes the bustle of the season in Sonoma County. After many years of heat infused and lackadaisical summers spent in Texas, the heightened activity in these parts still catches me by surprise.

This month, I was able to assist with the revamping and re-launching of our CATERS! website.  In case you’re wondering what fun offerings our talented chefs and catering staff have hatched for the summer, take a look here. (Spoiler: picnics, pizza parties, a brand new venue!). There are so many possibilities for enjoying all this lovely region offers this time of year, and celebrating the flavors of the season with food and wine is (I think) one of the best!

While working on the site, looking over new menus, studying beautiful wedding venues, and reading up on possible party ideas, I was inspired to take better advantage of all that surrounds us in wine country this summer. But with the excitement of the season coming on, events to plan and prepare for, visitors to anticipate, planting, gard-ening, and harvesting to attend to, there’s a certain feeling that it might all fly by too quickly—so amidst all the activity, I’ll have to slow down to a southern-summer pace once in a while…or, at least, try.

Happy almost-summer, everyone!